Solo Travel + Film Adventure

Solo Travel + Film Adventure

DREAM BIG – what ever it is – where ever it may lead you.

Prepare your passport, pack light and don’t worry about the details. If you want encouragement or inspiration, this is my own true story of solo travel and film adventure that started in 2004 and has touched down in Mexico, Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Portugal, Canada, USA, France, England, Romania, Hungary & more.

New SherpaGuru Shawna

Looking forward to sharing adventures past, right here right now, and down the road ahead. See you at the next outpost out there somewhere in the middle of nowhere!

Following Heart; Chasing Dreams.

-Shawna / Canadian Film Girl

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Overland and Outposts : Kickstarter Canada

It’s what I’ve been waiting for – I’m Canadian and I can finally ‘#Kickit’ 100% Canadian!

Canadian Kickstarter

Today, Kickstarter officially opened their crowdfunding platform to allow Canadian Creators to connect their own Canadian accounts to their projects. Canadians can finally REALLY Kick It!

In the past, as I had done with my 1st feature film and 1st Kickstarter project, One Night in Seattle and the Race to Sundance, I had to find a US partner for the Amazon Accounts end of the project. I could start the project, be the owner of the project, design the project and the project could even be ‘from’ Canada, but all the background financial information had to be arranged with a US counterpart – at that time, Kickstarter was using Amazon Accounts in the background to handle all the pledges and the final funds transfer, which can only handle US accounts.

Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 6.37.48 AM

I took a risk back then with a US Facebook friend and, well, the rest is history. We rallied up a Kickstarter Team of backers and successfully raised over $16,000 to complete a director’s edit of my 1st feature film One Night in Seattle as an emerging Canadian Filmmaker, in time to submit to the Sundance Film Festival. The film is now starting the film festival circuit and I am proud to announce that we are on the short list to screen in my hometown at the Calgary International Film Festival this September! Bringing it HOME!

With that amazing experience under our belts, I have been working towards the launch of my next

Kickstarter Project, Overland and Outposts, which is an experimental, private series (not for broadcast) is planned to co-launch with Kickstater,

Canada in my hometown, Calgary, Alberta, Canada on September 9, 2013.

Shawna Sundance Pass

Overland and Outposts is based on a True Storymy true story about how obsession led to near death and wayward enlightenment – a 7 year journey, impossible to stop, impossible to forget. The series explores Indie Film, the Dakar Rally, Solo Travel, and Vision Quests and opens the door to my creative process throughout the entire editing process via the private series and live Google+ Hangouts for ongoing feedback and Q&A as each of the 26 episodes are crafted and released to my Kickstarter Team.

As with my 1st feature dramatic film, One Night in Seattle, I am only looking to raise funds to complete the edit. I have the content captured and just need the gift of time to pull it all together, and I will take my Kickstarters on a private expedition with me, back to where it all started for this Canadian Film Girl, and wrap a 2nd film project that has been 8 years in the making.

Overland and Outposts on Kickstarter Canada

Overland and Outposts on Kickstarter Canada

I can’t wait to share another journey with you. I know where we are headed and I hope you are as excited as I am about a group about to Kick It, in true Canadian style!

KICK-IT!  ~Shawna

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One Night in NYC : Outpost


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Film Poster : 2013 Summer concept


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Seeking Summer Film Intern / Virtual Assistant

Gain solid experience. Earn an exclusive membership. Step into your next adventure.

Join our proven team as we launch into our next Indie Film Project this summer.

Gain practical, working knowledge as a Producer’s Assistant and learn the steps behind crowdfunding a creative project and launching into the post production and marketing of a low budget, DYI, independent film.

We are currently seeking a part-time, Volunteer Film Intern / Virtual Assistant, to help assist in various administrative and creative tasks on our next Independent Documentary Project.

desert dreams

  • We are looking for an individual and not a VA firm.
  • We prefer if you have experience working as a Virtual Assistant but will consider others with related experience.
  • We prefer individuals with a passion and curiosity for networking, independent film, crowdfunding and social media.

This position is a volunteer, part-time position for the summer. You must have regular availability (week schedule is flexible and task based. There will be some set deadlines and some negotiable deadlines to help accommodate your summer commitments). You will work remotely and must provide your own computer and internet connection. This position can roll into the fall if your schedule allows.

Must have working knowledge of: Internet Searches, Gmail, Spreadsheets, Social Media. Optional knowledge (will be using to complete assigned tasks): Advanced Google Searches, Evernote, Trello, Google+ Hangouts, Google Docs, Google Calendar

Your Responsibilities:

  • Manage various communication/outreach support tasks.
  • Online marketing research.
  • Add & organize research data to existing templates.
  • Assist the Producer/Director and Online Campaign Designer with various tasks

To Apply:

1. Please send the following to

  • Your Bio
  • Your Resume/CV
  • Your social media profiles

2. Please include your results from one of the following free online personality tests: Enneagram ( ) or Love Languages ( ).

3. Please include this tag in the subject line of your email: #FilmVA

4. Reference letters are encouraged.

Deadline to apply: Wednesday July 17, 6pm PST

Thank you,

Shawna Cox, Honey Mae
iDream Films

“Curious, engaging, nomadic. Start here – go anywhere.”

iDream Films specializes in small team & solo HD digital film production in urban & remote (outpost, nomadic-bivouac) conditions.

Shawna Cox (aka Canadian Film Girl) is an emerging and award-winning, independent Producer/Director/Writer. Shawna has collaborated with filmmakers in Vancouver, Calgary, New York and Los Angeles & has traveled to over 133 cites in 19 countries world-wide for her films development & production.

With Honey-Mae on board for support, Shawna headed a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, raising over $16,000 to complete a director’s edit of her 1st feature length dramatic film, One Night in Seattle. One Night in Seattle has just pre-screened in New York, launching on it’s 2013/14 film festival tour.

New SherpaGuru Shawna

FB : Shawna Lynn Cox

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Genuis at Work : Quote

“Every activity of man is amazingly complicated, not only that of the genius: but none is a ‘miracle.'” -Friedrich Nietzsche


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Morning Shot : Quote


“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – Wayne Gretzky

Found : 9:03am July 3 2013 @ Cafe Vinoteca, West Kitsilano, Vancouver Canada

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Playing Poolside in NYC

“do you want to sleep with me?” ~Grace (Room Mate Grace Hotel NYC)

One Night in Seattle - Poolside in NY

One Night in Seattle – Poolside at Grace, NY

Exciting news! My feature film, One Night in Seattle, has been selected as the Showcased Film at the Manhattan Film Festival’s host hotel, the Room Mate Grace Hotel in NYC!

We are in NY for our World Premiere Screening of One Night in Seattle, at the Manhattan Film Festival, and we have been graced with the exclusive, week-long showcase of their pool side preview screening.

A few friends + a few drinks pool side + a poolside screening = another film dream for this Canadian Film Girl, coming true!

Pick up your tix for our World Premiere Screening in NYC this Tuesday, June 25th – with a live Q&A with me, the filmmaker and with Leads, Amelia and Mark – on Screenbooker –> One Night in Seattle World Premiere Tickets Online

Thank you, Room Mate Grace Hotel, NYC!

xoxo Shawna

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