FilmREEL – Rockin’ the Vancouver Scene | Behind the Scenes

29 Jul


This is My Lead Girl for my first Feature Dramatic (Producer, Writer, Direct) we are currently shooting…
Ok – NOT EDITED, this is Amelia’s one take, she rocked the whole scene and was only supposed to do the first 5 lines.  A director’s gotta do, what a director’s gotta do.  Pre-widescreen bars and all…
Apologies on the sound, but this hasn’t been touched yet, wanted to share a tiny bit of our work to date.  Just back from Ottawa last weekend with our new editor, Dave Shea, first day working some rough sequences…   Very cool work – will post some tid-bits once I get my move out of the way – my new home?  Gastown, Vancouver – temporary home that is, but will love every minute here.  🙂
Awesome work everyone.  Day by day – we will get this shot and wrapped for the big screen.  Thanks to the cast and crew for all the work and dedication to the project to date – 1/3rd of the way through and the best is yet to come.
Thanks for sticking in there.
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One response to “FilmREEL – Rockin’ the Vancouver Scene | Behind the Scenes

  1. Tim Booth

    September 9, 2008 at 10:46 pm

    Hi Shawna!
    Great footage and scenes hope to talk to you soon!!
    Tim Booth


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