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02 Oct

I thought that I would share with you this tour in development.  Patrick Trahan was a contact that I made somewhere on Facebook last year and he did say that “at some point our paths would cross”.  Well, he jumped at the opportunity to help guide a 4×4 tour for my filmmaker’s journey into Morocco…

These entries will be brief and more of a dialogue between two people – Me and Pat – as we prepare for Morocco…  To put this in perspective – we just started last week and I leave next wednesday.  Circumstance of timing, $$ and a little story about a certain Dakar racer, Mark Miller.  Damn him – I will only catch him at the start line at the 2009 Dakar Rally in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  2 steps behind, but finding cool stories in the dust.

One story is about Fossils in Morocco…  huh?  What does THAT have to do with the Dakar Rally?  Everything…

secrets of the desert

secrets of the desert

hey Pat – great chat this morning – I am beginning to wonder if I will actually get back on the plane once I have  taste of the desert…  oh – no.
my flight is : early AM on the 15th… so if you could arrive on the 14th
Arrival: 12:20 AM +1 day(s)    Marrakech, Morocco –
, terminal 2
Airline:  Royal Air Maroc AT9713
then departure from Madrid is: Oct 24th at noon.
LH4411 Madrid (MAD) Frankfurt (FRA) 321 Executive Confirmed
Fri 24-Oct 2008 Fri 24-Oct 2008
12:45 15:20 – TERMINAL 1
so on the Madrid end – I would like to be into Madrid late on the 22nd or early on the 23rd depending on our itinerary….  😉

HI Shawna,
Yes it was great talking to you! It will be something, I am so sure of that.
I will be working on the itinary but it will be very flexible, but at least we have a Plan.
Here a suggestion list of thing to bring.
– Walking boots
– Sleeping bag with compress bag
– Sleeping mat
– Camel Back
– Hat
– Swimsuit 😉
– Empty little jar to bring back sand from sahara
– Converter 12vlt for charging your equipment
– Power bar for plugging equipment
– Small Tent (if you have, if Not, I will make out a temp. Bivouac)

I am taking car of everything else, like first aid and survival kit, pots and pan, etc. I will make you some nice morrocan tea everyday, like the moroccan do.

I will buy food water for making the food at our Bivouac site. Be prepare to see a million stars!

I suggest that you leave on the 22nd. The easyjet flight is leaving at 19h10.
I think you might want to stay there. I know I will….Maybe we get our mind together and find a way to stay there lollll  Talk to you soon with more details

Ciao Ciao

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One response to “DakarLOG – Pat’s 2008 Morocco Tour Log 01 | Desert Secrets

  1. Tim Booth

    October 5, 2008 at 9:18 pm

    Hi Shawna!
    Good luck in Morocco but be carefull. Hope to talk to you soon!
    Tim Booth


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