iDream Films

About iDream Films

Shawna Cox

Passionate explorers. Wrangling exciting teams.

Welcome to iDream Films. Committed to the development and production of quality original content, iDream Films drives head on, into the heart of the audience. Life is constantly shifting and we are driven to keep our sails full and chart our courses into the unknown. iDream Films maintains a strong, clear voice that inspires the ‘Heart of Journey’.

Welcome to the team at iDream Films.

In the face of changing media platforms and the drive towards self-directed programming. We are committed to an ‘Open Door’ way of life for all with an interest in Film. Film Buff, Film Student, Film School, Film Guru, Film ‘whatever you may be’ or ‘hope to be’.

Our slate currently includes:

  • One Night in Seattle : Dramatic Feature Film
  • Chasing the Desert : a Reality-Doc Series / Film
  • RedLine : Adventure/Thriller Feature Film
  • Wake : Psychological/Thriller Feature Film, Episodic
  • Greens: Family Feature Animation

Dreams start here.

-Shawna Cox, Founder & Explorer


2 responses to “iDream Films

  1. Tim Booth

    July 18, 2007 at 10:50 pm

    Hi Shawna!
    Tim Booth here the composer that you met yesterday on the bus to Deluxe! Great to meet you hope we can collaborate on any of your wonderful projects. I love your positive energy!!

  2. Doug Shaw

    March 7, 2008 at 10:53 am

    Hi Shawna!
    How can I get involved in 11 films? I am a teacher and I live in Australia. I was recently in Africa to make my own short Doco about my experience with the Dakar only to have it canceled. I have read your blog and I hoping to be in South America for the race.




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