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Morocco Transmission #4 – Full Moon

Oct 14, 2008 – Day 4 chasing the desert.

A full moon in Morocco tonight. There’s more to tell. More to this story. There’s more to tell. More to this story. That is in my blackbook. I will publish that when I am home. Funny thing how I set out to capture one story. Not so funny thing how it all unfolds into a story that I am wish I could escape from. Chasing the Dakar Rally seems like a walk in the park over navigating this trip I’m on. I wish I could wake up from this.

10 day trip to Morocco to trace the steps of past Dakar Rally legends – Daily Satellite uploads and Live GPS tracking.

Day 4: Night Desert driving and sleeping on a dune.

sample opening footage for the Dakar Rally Documentary Project

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Blackbook 2005-02-20 The Daydream after Seattle

Blackbook 2005-02-20 The Daydream after Seattle

Feb 20, 2005

Seattle Road-Trip with Jason. (In Vancouver, on my way back home to Calgary)

“Ask me if she can stay for a while,

and she will be loved… and she will be loved.”

I sit here, I think it’s over.

I see the water, moving towards me. Read the rest of this entry »

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Blackbook 2004-08-22 Beano, Again. 9:45pm

Blackbook 2004-08-22 Beano, Again. 9:45pm

August 22 2004

Aug 22, 2004

Beano, Again. 9:45pm

“I have worked hard, pushed myself, taken risks calculated & uncalculated, met amazing people in amazing places, changed my course more than once.

Now I am here.

I am quite simply all that.”

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