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One Night in NYC : Outpost


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FreeHugs & Summer Festival Tank Tops

FreeHugs tank mens full etsy

Hand designed by me for YOU!

Order your FreeHugs & Film Festival Summer Tour Tank Top to help us raise $ for a kick ass PR/Publicity GURU to help us share our film with the WORLD!

Made to Order Men’s Tank on Etsy : Men’s FreeHugs Summer Festival Tank Top

Made to Order Women’s Tank on Etsy: Women’s FreeHugs Summer Festival Tank

follow the #FreeHugs tour on Flickr : #FreeHugs World Tour

follow our film’s World Tour here: One Night in Seattle

Our World Premiere screening is next week, at the Manhattan Film 

FreeHugs tank womens logo etsy

Festival, in NYC! Order your tickets here: One Night in Seattle World Premiere, June 25, 3:15pm

See you all our there in the cafes, on the streets and at the screenings!



World Premiere in NYC + Postcards & Posters!

Our World Premiere in NYC, next week!

the back of the Poster Postcard! Sent to YOU!

the back of the Poster Postcard! Sent to YOU!

Congrats everyone! With the last edit of the film I completed this spring – we garnered a World Premiere in NYC – one of the most renowned film cities in the World! One Night in Seattle, is an official selection of the 2013 Manhattan Film Festival and will be screening our World Premiere in NYC next week, tuesday June 25th at 3:15pm!EVENT LINK

Help us spread the LOVE!

To raise funds for a PR/Publicity Guru to join our team, check out our Film PostCards + Film Poster (designed by me)! Featuring our World Premiere in NYC, made to help NYC and the World find out about our film during the 10 day festival and BEYOND!

LOVE our Film PostCard sent from NYC? 

I will send one, limited edition Film PostCard to you in exchange for a donation to help us raise $ to hire a PR/Publicist for our 2013 festival tour to wrangle up news coverage, interviews and reviews that are so important to the success of micro-budget films like ours!

Get yours in time for delivery from NY! –> Film POSTCARD from NYC

(suggested donation : $25 or more)

LOVE our NYC Film Poster for KEEPS?

Our 2013 MFF, World Premiere Film Poster!

Our 2013 MFF, World Premiere Film Poster!

One limited edition, World Premiere Film Poster, designed and signed by the filmmaker (me), to show up at your doorstep? Same as above, this awesome film poster graces your walls AND helps our awesome film find it’s way around the world!

Grab one and boost our NY state of mind for the festival! –> NYC Film POSTER

(suggested donation : $50 or more)

All other donations can be made via PayPal or Interact e-Transfer. My email is

Film Dreams + Dreamers!

Thanks Again everyone – I never ever thought a little film dream could ever make it so far… Amazing what can happen with a few GREAT believers, friends and family.




Official Selection of the 2013 Manhattan Film Festival – NYC

Just received the email! Our very 1st Festival Nod lands us in New York City at the end of June!

So VERY excited to announce that my VERY 1st Feature Dramatic Film, One Night in Seattle, is an Official Selection of the 2013 Manhattan Film Festival!  MILESTONE for this film girl, and cast, crew and kickstarters! I have to say – this looks gooooood, yes?

Following heart – Chasing dreams! (more to come!)  ~Shawna

Official Selection : 2013 Manhattan Film Festival

Official Selection : 2013 Manhattan Film Festival


2013 Sundance Film Festival – Officially Unofficial

Through hell and high water we made it to Sundance and we hosted a VERY unofficial, private screening of One Night in Seattle, with one of our Film Team members of the Kickstarter Producers, Andy Stanislav at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival!

2 films stood out  – after I got over the dream-like sensation of actually walking around at the Sundance Film Festival after so many years of wondering if I would ever be able to finish the film…

2 Documentaries moved my heart and made me follow their journey after the films finished…

Which Way is the Front Line From Here – The Life and Times of Tim Hetherington, a film by Sebastian Junger


The Moo Man, a film by Andy Heathcote

Do your research, find these films and…follow your heart.

See you soon at the next destination!!


Unofficially Official

Canadian Film Girl at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival

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2013 Sundance | Tablet Storytelling Panel Summary

Creating an Experience – a Ritual – a Story.

Enter the worlds of ‘Bjork’s Biophilia‘, the ‘Vision Machine‘, the ‘Silent History‘ and NFB Vancouver Canada’s ‘Circa 1948’ (currently in development).

My panel take-aways:

  • Allow the platform to emerge out of the story, the content.
  • Crafting content, an experience on any platform, what ever the screen (Theatre, TV, Web, Mobile, Tablet); starts with the story – a beginning, a middle and an end.
  • Guide the audience. They want to be lead, otherwise it is a game.
  • Create a Ritual, an experience to ‘get lost’ in. Rituals have a mythical element, a flow that transcends storytelling, allowing one to enter a world and find your own path through the experience without locking the audience into a structure that could affect their personalization of the story.

Eli Horowitz of ‘The Silent History’, offered this advice:

“Do the ‘walk and talk’, often”.

Have as many conversations with fellow storytellers, designers, techs – anyone actually creating or designing in the platform you wish to publish/ distribute on. These conversations are more relevant than talking with your potential audience. Start at the front end, talk to those working on the front lines. Leave the audience to be the witnesses, the observers of this “New World” you bring back for them to experience.

Loc Dao of the National Film Board of Canada’s, ‘Circa 1948’, offered this simplified breakdown:

The Development Cycle :

  1. Develop the Story
  2. Choose the Form of Delivery
  3. Develop the Technology

The Platforms:

  • Film, Web, Smart Phone, Tablet, Installation

Key Elements to the Audience Experience:

  • Emotion & Story

In the end, I walked away with regardless of the project, content and every other possible thing that can overwhelm anyone stepping into producing or creating for any platform:

Start with the story. The script is key. If the story is clear and strong, the platform and the technology will follow. This transcends all platforms; the ritual of the art of storytelling, and it starts with the same question:

“What if”?


The Silent History

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I woke up and we are only $65 away from our GOAL!! OMG!!

WOW!! $14,935!! WHAT!! WOOHOO!!!! 

We are only $65 from our $15,000 GOAL, & 2hrs left!! OMG OMG!! I can’t believe this is happening!!




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