Dakar Rally

Chasing the Desert Documentary & The Dakar Rally

One woman is launched into a world far more life changing than she ever could have scripted when terrorist actions in Africa force the historic cancelation of the 2008 Dakar Rally. Her ‘dream film gig’ turned ‘waking nightmare’ detours her onto a 5 year journey home that unfolds into a once-in-a-lifetime, no regrets, off the grid adventure.

The racers and filmmaker try to pull everything together in Hungary and Romania with one last ditch effort to prove they have what it takes to capture the win in the fast approaching 2009 Dakar Rally.

sample footage for the Dakar Rally Documentary Project

Chasing the Desert is a Documentary Project, Feature and Series that follows the North American teams racing to make history and the independent Canadian Film Girl that is driven to capture their race to the start and ultimately, their race to win.


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