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DakarREEL – CFG LIVE in Morocco | Map Film-bites

Shawna Cox | CFG is…  on Facebook.  “Be my friend – and HANG ON!” for photos of Baja 500, 1000, The Dakar Rally and every ADVENTURE inbetween and behind the scenes… 

Indie and Adventure Filming and Event info?  Join the Canadian Film Girl | CFG Facebook Fan Page

2008 Dakar Rally Race Route, Morocco, October 2008: Making of “Chasing the Desert”…  

Escaping Flash floods, desert nights, Canadian Girls racing hidden trails, deep inside the ‘Medina’ of Marrakech, hot diggity scarabs and a wee-bit-of night dune driving (and running the battery down…)??

–>>  “Where’s Shawna on the map?”

–>>  Shawna’s Video Diary:


Canadian Film Girl | CFG, Shawna Cox

Canadian Film Girl | CFG, Shawna Cox


Who knew I would ever sit in the middle of the desert at night and be filming, editing and uploading daily film-bites.  1 HDV camera, 2 VIO-POV 1 car cams, 1 Mac laptop, 1 Iritrack GPS tracker, 1 crazy group of Canadians, 1 4×4, and 1 satellite way up in the sky (@ 7 euros a megabite, I might add = $200 + per 2 minute video)

where in the world is CFG....

where in the world is CFG....

I am on my last two days on the trail after a whirlwind 2 days in Cannes, France for the MIPCOM film market, then a midnight flight to Marrakech, Morocco.  I am currently on day 6???  …I think, and will be touching ground in Madrid, London, Toronto and finally home to Vancouver by next monday.  
I have been racing around Morocco, chasing Mark Miller’s Dakar Rally past  (Mark ends up in Morocco basically just as I leave…  timing) for the background for the 2009 Dakar Rally Documentary – the old Dakar Rally trail.  
I currently have a live map following our journey (the same iritrack as used on Dakar for the racers) as well as daily 2 minute film bites.  IRC stepped up to the plate to embed media into their live race maps – this is the first test.  
The tracker didn’t get started until 2 days into the trip, but the videos have been going well – uploading via satilite from the middle of the desert…  who knew.  (Rob!  what happened to video # 002 ??? 😉  

Thanks for keeping up with me, hot on the trail of Mark Miller (Team Volkswagen) and the 2009 Dakar Rally…

Good night from afar.


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DakarREEL – Morocco 2008 | taking the 2008 Dakar Rally Route

Ok – who knew??  Pat Trahan, a desert racer and guide from Montreal, Canada has kept up with me since the start and now, is finally digging in and showing up to help me through the Moroccan towns and deserts.  Funny how things can at some point come together.   

Pat even raced with Mark Miller and in the town of Merzuga was the area where Mark Miller won his first stage ever in a rally raid back in 1998 on a KTM bike !! – the ONLY TWO North Americans in a field of hundreds!

I guess it’s all about timing and at this point – NOT GIVING UP.  I can’t wait for the nuances of broadcast letters and US verses Canadian funding / financing issues – I HAVE TO FILM as it might be the last I will shoot on the project.  I won’t wait for someone to give me the green light – I am doing it again.  Go forth and film.  That is  what I will do – again…  AND Pat is doing everything he can to make sure it will be a trip worthy of one Canadian Film girl and the elusive North American Dakar Documentary.

I want to share the latest email with you…  I am excited.  Especially since I don’t have to tackle Morocco and this pivotal segment on my own.  I need all the support and encouraging friends I can gather at this point…

Hello Aischa (touareg princess),
Ok, I did not have any prices yet and quotes. For the trip, I will not be able to share not much cost if I go qith you.. I donèt mind going to guide you and making sure you have a good trip and a perfect spot for filming… But I wont be able to participate in the 4×4 rental.. I will find you a good deal. 
I can pay for my food and drink, Accomodation will be in the desert, I will cook also and prepare the bivouac..
Other, we will share the room, I sleep on the floor with my slleping bag. You will see I can travel for very cheap.
I would arrive at Marrakesh, on the 14, I would drop you at the boat and bring back the 4×4 in Marrakesh en leave from there to go to Tunisia where I will be guiding there.
I will call you this wednesday, with a lot more details, if you agree with what I mention. 
You will need some credit card info for the 4×4 and maybe a reservation in Marrakesh!
I am working on the route, i am dowloading some GPS point. I bring you sur les pistes du Dakar!!


Thanks Pat.  I can’t wait to be able to return your support and hospitality.  Pat was actually racing with Mark Miller way back in 1998.  They were the only 2 North Americans competing at the time.  When I revealed the routes I wished to take and shared Mark’s email of recommended travel, Pat had this to say:

Both route are going in Erfoud! So yes it is close…

It is funny I was reading what Mark Miller was writting.. I was there in 98 when he won he first stage, It was my first race ever! Mark know you I am becase I spoke to him there beeing the only 2 north american, We wrote each other on email after a bit.. Small world


It is a small world – and I am grateful for it.  I never would have got this far with out the friends and neighbours I have and have found along the way…  Here’s for dropping those borders.  More later.


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DakarREEL – Really want to know about Dakar 2009? | Magic 8 Ball

Filming Dakar 2009 in January?? Magic 8 Ball says: ‘reply hazy, try again’

You REALLY want to know what’s going on for Dakar 2009 right now? One film girl from Vancouver / Calgary and her one last shot… at The Dakar Rally. South America. January 2009.

Here you go – an email to a long time supporter (since this whole Dakar Documentary started way back in the summer of 2007). Geesh – I just wanted to finish my feature dramatic script on the thing – never dreamed I would be in the middle of it, about to jump off a cliff – again!
This is what’s on my mind, in my sights…

Start email here:

I really have no money to spare – I haven’t even looked at if I have enough for a place to stay! ha!

Give me some numbers, I am looking into everything this weekend. I need help for sure – if you know people I can stay with or travel with.
I am in Marrakesh and then hope to travel to a few points that Mark Miller mentioned and where Mitsubishi maybe training.

Most is the 2008 dakar route up till the Mauritanian border. Where we were supposed to go.

I would like to camp in the desert if it is safe. I was thinking of a camel trek? No idea prices. 4×4 would be super cool. I can’t guarantee anything will make broadcast. I have ideas, but without financial support or funding / financing – it’s over my head.

I am currently in negotiations with the ex-field producer for Versus from 2006, 2007 for a potential co-production.

There is a company here in Vancouver as well that I am meeting with next week.

MIPCOM is not far away and $$ need to be in. People (competitors and assistance) are dropping like flies. It’s not a good scene for all from last year’s project.

Morocco could be the end. I will get as far as I can, both with the film and Dakar, but we are all on our last legs.

Thanks for offering help.

Morocco from October 14th (late flight into marrakech) then latest to October 22nd – 23rd.

The rights fees for the show are high – just got them today – must negotiate with ASO or find sponsors or both. $60,000 Euro – ridiculous and higher than last year. What are they thinking? I might try Daniel Ferguson on that one.

End email there…

there you all have it. Right in the middle of it all and no more money to spare. I guess THIS is where it gets REALLY interesting… We are looking into sponsorship and funding and selling my Dakar undies to Japan to fund it. Seriously. Would be sad to stop now and I am not that attached to my cool Canadian Flag Briefs. Seriously – make me an offer… 😉

Ha! I should be careful – I might get a bid. 😉 

I will keep you posted over the next few weeks with the co-production offers and what teams are still in. I have some catching up to do with you all, but I was waiting till I had a different story to tell than… “soon!” Well, ‘soon’ enough, the project fate will be decided. I have no way of getting to Dakar 2009 on my own funds this year, so it is definately a different story at this point.

We are now writing the end of a long journey and time will tell where the grand finale will play out. 

Thanks to everyone for your lasting support. I wouldn’t be this far without it.

…not giving up.
– Shawna

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DakarREEL – Offroad to 2008 Banff World Television Festival

It is official!
Yes, I was officially shooting in the middle of it all in Budapest, Hungary for the Dakar Make-up Rally just last week…

Myself and the Dakar Projects have won entry into the CTV National Fellowship Program to attend the Banff World Television Festival held June 6-11th, 2008.

I will say “hi” to Kim Cattrall from all of you – yes, ‘Sex in the City’ is still one of my favs – while catching a round on the world famous golf course and bowling of course! oh, yeah – and pitch – pitch – pitch – pitch – pitch for production partners and a network… 😉

CTV National Fellowship Program

Thanks to all those that applied for the CTV National Canada Fellowship Program. We had an overwhelming response and we are pleased to announce the following winners:

  • Jennifer Beasley, Oakville, Ontario
  • Shawna Cox, Calgary, Alberta
  • Alison Grace, Toronto, Ontario
  • Elizabeth MacKenzie, Toronto, Ontario
  • Paul McNeill, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
  • Sacha Pavlovic, Toronto, Ontario
  • Pamela Pinch, Wolfville, Nova Scotia
  • Steven Shehori, Toronto, Ontario
  • Halima Ouardiri, Montreal, Quebec
  • Michael Morrow, Toronto, Ontario
  • Kimberlee McTaggart, Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Michael McMurtry, Toronto, Ontario
  • Devjani Raha, Toronto, Ontario
  • Sam Ruano, Quebec, Quebec
  • Craig Wallace, Toronto, Ontario

Congratulations !

CTV National Canada Fellowships are intended to encourage professional development in the television industry by enabling emerging creative talent including producers, writers and directors – i.e., program makers – to attend the Banff World Television Festival. Fellowships are not intended for established professionals, nor are they intended for entry-level candidates. Applicants must have a minimum of one significant production credit.

CTV National Canada Fellowships cover the following: full festival registration, including admission to all seminars, workshops, and on-demand screenings; all official social events; and air transportation (transportation allowance based on lowest airfare available).

Accommodation and all other costs of attending the festival are the responsibility of the fellowship recipient.

To provide a more enriching experience and an enhanced professional development experience for selected fellows, CTV, through the Banff World Television Festival, will also provide a limited mentorship program prior to Festival opening. Previous winners may apply, but applicants who have been awarded Fellowships in the past will not be given a high priority. Applicants should be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants. Each application will be judged according to the merits of the project that will be brought to Banff; the applicant’s strategy for maximizing opportunities at Banff; and the applicant’s financial need.

As part of CTV’s commitment to employment equity, and to better reflect Canadian society, CTV invites applications from all qualified individuals.

For more information please contact:
Kim Bozak
Director of Protocol
Tel: 416-921-3171 ext 244
Fax: 416-921-9878

Thanks for all the support keeping the Road to the Dakar open!


“adventure… as always”
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DakarLOG – 2008 Dakar Rally | Pre-Rally VLOG

Just wanted to check in with everyone. I am on a layover at the Frankfurt Airport after leaving Vancouver on Saturday afternoon. It’s strange to think that I am just hours away from Lisbon and just days away from the start of the Dakar Rally… All of the sudden, I feel myself venturing into the ‘other side’ of the TV screen – the 2007 rally seems only just months earlier and I had no idea then, that I would be IN the rally one year later… Nuts.

I have started a ‘pre-VLOG’, watch my first entry here on YouTube:

Chasing the Desert – “The Edge”, Dec 2007 from CFilmGirl on Vimeo.

The Official Dakar VLOG can be followed daily during the rally on the Australian Broadcast company SBS, on their online coverage. You can follow me at this link, the VLOG is on the lower left of the page.
Thanks everyone who got me on the plane and to the start. Yup, I am nervous but it’s gonna be an incredible journey – actually, it already has been.
Happy holidays and enjoy the New Year!

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DakarREEL – Arciero-Miller Racing Roll | YouTube 3

Alright – pretty tired… A ten hour day in the cubicle, so lovingly called ‘The Cube’ – then straight home for 6+ hours of start to finish rough cut of an intro roll from footage that I shoot while chasing Dakar Rally and Desert Racer, Mark Miller and his team mate, Ryan Arciero… In case the below YouTube link doesn’t work ,

Check it out by clicking here —>>> ARCIERO-MILLER RACING ROLL


Mark I chased to the 2007 Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb back in July and found him with Team Volkswagen :img_3518.jpg Check out the Pic’s —>>>

EventREEL – Pike’s Peak Hill Climb | Race DayEventREEL –

Pike’s Peak IHC | Shawna’s Pre-race AscentLocation Log –

Pike’s Peak IHC | Shawna’s Day in Heaven

and Ryan, I found him at 2007 PRIMM 300 Desert Race:img_5447.JPGCheck out the Pic’s —–>>>

EventREEL – Primm 300 | Ryan Arciero Meeting

Fun to finally get into the video footage – I hope you had some fun watching it!Till test video #4…-s


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DakarREEL – Wee-bit-o-a-test 2008 Dakar | YouTube 2

Alright, here’s number 2…Just a wee-bit of a moment at Ocotilla Wells, Off-Road park, way back in the late summer in California.

CLICK HERE to WATCH if viewer doens’t show —>>>  Who is that CFG?



A bit of testing with Team Kore and racers Kent Kroeker, Darren Skilton and Legendary Malcolm Smith as they prepare for the 2007 Baja 1000…

Check out the pics from August –>>>

KORE testing Pic’s

It was HOT down in the Wells. Ready for the next one?


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DakarREEL – Wee-bit-o-a Dakar Test | YouTube 1

Ok – here’s for you guys that want SOMETHING!!!

I have been babysitting 40 plus DV tapes as they download REAL TIME into my G5 and I managed to attempt my FIRST YouTube upload EVER.

Not too historic, but DAMN it was simple out of iMovie… I edited (not much as you can see) in FinalCut Studio 2 and then exported Quicktime Movie. Opened in iMovie and used it’s ‘upload to YouTube’…. Worked like a charm!! Tried direct through YouTube… I got impatient – didn’t really know if it worked and what was going on. I am sold on the iMovie link.

Here’s test #1: Beachn Buggy Ride

If the viewer doesn’t show up, CLICK HERE to view —>>>   BEACHN BUGGY RIDE

Ready to move past the test… was fun for a giggle, nice and a pure “Canadiana Campy” feel – though and I did run it through FinalCut’s ‘Dirty Head’ filter for that extra off-road filming appeal… I think my camera went through enough sand to qualify for the Canadian Forces. LOL.


Check out pics from the Vegas to RenoPre-run back in August —>>



alright boys, when’s next ride out into the middle of no-where?  I’m in!


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IndieREEL – Uncovered | The secrets of Cinematography…

Researching HD cameras for the film Scout, I uncovered THE SITE…  if you are into Cinematography, check it out –>>

 The Cinematography Mailing List

I wistfully entered “HD camera dakar” in a google search as a starting point.  What do I want?  An HD Camera.  What do I want it for?  The Dakar.  This thread came up in google…


NOT really gonna work for the DAKAR RALLY, but “A” for economy. 


A DP asked me if there’s any ideas I had for shock mounting a HD camera in a car. The problem is the car is in an off road race. 

Think the Paris-Dakar Rally – the camera would be shooting out the window…”

check out the responses from professional cinematographers from around the world…   Great advice with a slice of camera life…

“CML is a place for professional cinematographers to talk and exchange ideas about cinematography.

This site and the associated discussion lists are run and maintained by professional Cinematographers in their spare time. “

 Camera Tests, Camera Info, Books and Files – everything…

There are links at the top of each page to edited extracts of discussions, there are over two thousand of these now covering in detail many topics related to cinematography.

It’s on my research list… 😉

One personal “thank you” to everyone that contributes their knowledge and experience to this site and making it accessible to everyone with an interest and passion behind the camera.


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EventREEL – The 2007 Baja 1000 | Pre-race stats

The 2007, Baja 1000
it all started at the Baja 500, 4 1/2 months ago and now, it’s the last great off-road adventure of 2007 for one Canadian Film Girl and the cast of North American Desert Racers before they head for the 2008 Dakar Rally:


Kent Kroeker (right) – Team KORE


Darren Skilton – Team KORE


Canadian, Kevin Ostlund (2009 Dakar) – High Rollerz Trux

North American Desert Racers:


Ryan Arciero – Arciero-Miller Racing


Canadian, Patrick Trahn – Motorcycle Entry


one Desert Racing Legend, Malcolm Smith – Team KORE


and one Grey’s Anatomy star, Patrick Dempsey… Really – he’s the new guy on my hit list. 😉

and this is me:


and here are the official quick facts for the 40th running of the Legendary Baja 1000 :

WHAT: 40th Annual Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 desert race – the Final event of the six-race 2007 SCORE Desert Series

WHEN: November 11-16, 2007

WHERE: Ensenada-Baja California, Mexico (65 miles south of U.S./Mexico Border) to Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico

WHO: Nearly 450 entries from 43 U.S. States, and 16 countries, competing in 28 Pro and 6 Sportsman classes for cars, trucks, motorcycles and ATVs

COURSE: TOTAL MILEAGE: 1,296.39 miles (10 checkpoints plus the finish line). Starts in Ensenada, finishing in Cabo San Lucas.

TIME LIMIT: All vehicles will have a 53-hour time limit from the time they start.

TELEVISION: Televised on a delayed basis as a one-hour NBC Sports special for the fourth consecutive year, airing at 3 p.m. (EST) on Sunday, Dec. 30 on the NBC Television Network. Co-produced by Aura360, It will also air on a delayed basis outside of the U.S. on ESPN International.

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