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What does a Kitty, a Duck, Tacos & Cowtown have in common?

Well it’s been a CRAZY week both on AND off the Kickstarter Campaign for One Night in Seattle!

All over the map, not getting lost but rather, finding our way into the home stretch and wrangling an AWESOME team in the middle of it all!

So what DOES a Kitty, a Duck, Tacos & Cowtown have in common?

  • a journey
  • a film
  • a dream coming true

The Kitty

Acoustikitty is Arran Fisher’s recording operation, based out of Calgary, Canada. Arran is on board, crafting an ORIGINAL SOUND and MUSIC SCORE for One Night in Seattle. This is not the first time Arran’s music will be a part of an iDream Films Production. The first one wasn’t planned, it was happen-chance. This second one, was much the same. I walked into a cafe, and… well, as per the film and my life, interesting things tend happen when you walk into a cafe, destiny kinda takes the lead if you are open and willing…

I met Arran way back while I was writing the film into the wee hours of the night at Cafe Beano in Calgary. Arran was working as a barrista to pay the bills and make his music. In 1999, Arran formed the psych rock group The Summerlad, which toured several times across Canada and the U.S., released four albums, and received national acclaim for making music that defied easy categorization.

The Summerlad on CBC Radio 3 

Oddly enough, when I was filming my Dakar Rally Project, Mark from CBC Radio 3 Vancouver, gave me a playlist with some selected artists and The Summerlad’s ‘City of Noise’ track was among the selections. I picked it without hesitation and only after did I realize this was Arran’s band from back in Calgary. What are the odds?

Well, in May, I went back to Calgary and back to Beano and guess who was sitting there, on the other side of the barrista bar. We re-connected after 5 years, both having been on quite the journey chasing our own passions of producing and media and all it took me was to mention how I was looking for an original soundtrack that would be inspired by how the soundtrack in the critically acclaimed film, Deadmanwas crafted (Neil Young composed the guitar seeped soundtrack with portions he improvised while watching the movie footage).

City of Noise, by The Summerlad on YouTube

City of Noise, featured in my Dakar Rally Project on Vimeo

Deadman on Wiki

Clips from Deadman, samples of Neil Young’s Soundtrack on Youtube

Chasing the Desert – “The Outsider”, Jan-April 2008 from CFilmGirl on Vimeo.

Seems every iDream Film project needs it’s Acoustic Kitty. This will be the second film project of mine that will feature Arran’s talents.

More about the Duck, Tacos and Cowtown coming up!! Woot!

  • Brian Schecter, media sports business analyst with Puddle Duck Productions, based out of Vancouver, Canada.
  • Chronic Tacos in Gastown is a 2 story Mexican Cantina with amazing eats, mexi-drinks and even late night spinning and skeleton dancing…
  • Word is, a SUNDANCE PRODUCER PASS ($10,000 pledge level) could be pledged on Monday, from my hometown, Calgary, Canada.

Back soon for UPDATES!! WOOT!


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SLOG – so this is all you need | LOVE

It’s not easy…but I think it’s what we are supposed to do.

Funny, I am labeled a mid level producer, but I feel like I haven’t earned it yet. Same old same old – some times success isn’t material – isn’t something you can show. Success is movement, steps, stages. No one will ever know what you have done to get there, so be gentle with yourself and give the same credit to yourself that you observe in others… You are well on your way.
Learning to give a ‘day’s’ win a place in your heart without the need for a prize – this is all you need to make what you dream a reality.
This I am working to remember. I moved pretty quickly the last few years and never looked back OR even gave myself the time to see where I even was at the moment! I am only now, looking back and saying “holy shit woman… No wonder you are so tired and no wonder people are asking you ‘how?’

So, back to the advice…

#1. fall in love with your vision – it and you are what will carry you through

#2. take good care and special attention to your health – there are NO execptions to this

#3. find people like you – a moment or a life long friendship… These people will be the shelter, food and warmth to enjoy those ‘daily wins’…

Warmth and Dreams;  a whole New Year…

New Years Eve 2009


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Lucky Break, Pecha Kucha, Skewed Mag

It’s been a busy beginning to 2009, mostly around settling into my new digs, playing with the locals, ending the “Lucky Break” streak and taking everything to date (the last 2 years) onto the stage in Vancouver for one whirlwind night that took my breath away, literally…

The OFFICIAL end of the “Lucky Break”, February 20 2009littlelucky1

With the Dakar Rally focus set to 2010, I finally made a date with my surgeon and after waiting 2 years, had the bionic elements removed in February and I am back to being 100% human again – sort of…

2 years earlier –>  Lucky Break to the Baja 500



Me, my filmmaking life, Gastown and my Vancouver Gastown Loft are featured in a 7 page layout in the Studio edition of UBC’s online magazine. A wonderful lady, Ms Lexa Naicu, was just as crazy over pigs with wings from Salt Tasting Room as I was… “When Pigs Fly.”

“Working in the right space can make all the difference, and for the past couple of months we’ve been looking into different artists and their creative spaces. And so for our fourth edition we’re giving it a  theme: The Studio Issue. ”

Check it out online –>  SKEWED MAGAZINE, March/April

Pecha Kucha Night, “The Little Dream”, March 26 2009, Vancouver

I had the amazing experience of speaking at Vancouver’s 5th edition of Pecha Kucha Night.


It is a “mix of show-and-tell, open-mike night and happy hour, it has become the forum for ideas on design, culture and a lot else that has swept the world in just four years now having taken place in over 180 cities globally.”

For “The Little Dream” Slide Photos  —>  Click here


In just 6 minutes and 40 seconds, I take you into “The Little Dream” and takes on a 2 year journey with a live audience, Fast cars, globetrotting, terrorists and some “hot scenes”. This is a “Little Dream” that leaves us with a endless universe of possibilities…”

For “The Little Dream” video –>  “The Little Dream” – Pecha Kucha Night – Vancouver from CFilmGirl on Vimeo.


“Pronounced “peh-cha-ku-cha’’,  Each presenter is allowed 20 images, each shown for 20 seconds each – giving 6 minutes 40 seconds of fame before the next presenter is up. This keeps presentations concise, the interest level up, and gives more people the chance to show.”

Check here for YOUR city –> Pecha Kucha Night


So, if you watched the video, you will know that I am rolling up my sleeves this year and making the most out of this Little Dream I had one day, taking what I’ve got in my hands,  2 great projects, a life in a great neighbourhood and taking it all one (or 2) steps at a time.

See you out there on the streets, in the desert and somewhere completely lost in between!


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NewsREEL – Dan’s Film Trailer goes Online | …bittersweet

Update from the GREAT Filmmaking NY Brother Team, The Masucci Brothers.   

I have collaborated with Dan and Joe on their Feature Film “The Last Round” and will continue to join forces on future projects. 

These are the boys that proved you…

DO NOT need the BIG cameras or the BIG budget

…just a great eye and a great team! 

AND Just get out there AND SHOOT!

The following is a News Release on their latest Short Film, “Letting GO”, which found it’s inception when Dan made it to the Top 100 to be “On The Lot”!! 

Congrats Dan and Joe…  

Here’s your chance to see what they submited after only one week from development to screening:

 lg-03_lg.jpg Read the rest of this entry »

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SLOG – 1 SECRET, 1 MOTTO | Leads me right to the CORE

I am not independently wealthyI’m an independent filmmaker.


At the initial stages that I am at – those two are not mixing. The glamorous reality is that the special combo’s order is lovingly coined “independently in-debt”! That’s what happens when one falls in love with life and is willing to do anything it takes to not let it slip through the fingers.

The next is to learn to trust and have some faith…

My secret?
…That I don’t know what I am doing.

Ok, yes – to admit this could be professional death, but it is personally real and it is a damn scary thing. At the end of the day, it’s the absolute truth but as an innovator, a creator it’s also the core driving force

“you don’t know and by not knowing, you discover.”

…it’s that ‘discovery’ that makes things come to life, both inside and in the world that surrounds us. This is also what makes life exciting, passionate, unpredictable and renewed. But mostly, I have found that it also opens the door to community – for others to join in my journey and assist with their wisdom or support...

My motto? DO that ridiculous thing that JUST crossed my mind – NOW!

First of all, the fact that I just labeled it ‘ridiculous’, is the first sign that it is something completely out of my context – that it isn’t something I already know or have experienced.

Remember when you were younger? That incredible rush of adrenaline… when you took that GIANT leap into the unknown world?

Trust me, adrenaline is good for you and you don’t have to be on the verge of death in a NASCAR RACE to reap it’s benefits. Adrenaline is the key physical sign that you are crossing over… crossing over some pre-set boundary or belief and you are grabbing the bull by the horns and are set to CHALLENGE IT!
This only leads to the opportunity to discover, to grow and to learn. THIS leads to innovation and your evolution…

So there you have it… My Secret and My Motto. These two silly and simple things shaped the core values I have finally been able to identify and voice that drive the heart of my own journey – both personally and professionally…

evolve . involve | innovate . collaborate

My Guru ‘words of wisdom’?  Get out there, SHARE YOUR SECRET and DO THAT RIDICULOUS THING that just whisked through your mind and raced through your heart…

I guarantee it is the BEST thing you ever, never knew. 🙂


-Shawna, Creative Director, 11|oneone Films & the secret and the motto.


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LoveLifeLog – I fell in Love with… a Strong Cowboy’s Life.

Ok, I admit it… Poor Mark never knew what hit him. I was at my fitness club, Bankers Hall Fitness Club, on the hunt for someone that could get me physically ready for the extreme stresses of Filming during the 2008 Dakar Rally.


As I put it to them “it will be like a 15 day, 24 hour rodeo with sleep deprivation and extreme conditions”. I was introduced to Mark Barrett, one of the club’s Personal Trainers and I haven’t looked back since. With Mark’s experience and innovative drive, I know I am in the hands of one of few who will put me successfully in the Driver’s seat of my Documentary Filming and live to tell about!

Interestingly enough, Mark wasn’t a typical home-grown Cow-guy from Calgary Canada… He’s from Ontario, did a stint at Adidas in the U.K. and it wasn’t until he was laying in bed one night did it occur to him that the Bull Riding and Rodeo world could use a little High Performance boost! That was 3 years ago and now, we have ‘One Strong Cowboy‘...

Here’s Mark’s story:

Read the rest of this entry »

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LoveLiveWork – I fall in Love

My girlfriend teases me – I fall in love with EVERYONE.

It’s true, but at the heart of it, I fall in love with the human journey through life – people’s stories, their journeys. This is where you can find them.

These are the stories I have fallen in love with – where people have fallen in love with their lives. It may have been a moment or it may be the rest of their life, but there is that point where one realises “this is THE ONE…” – it can still be a struggle, the beginning, but it is no longer RUNNING TO SOMETHING – it is now RUNNING WITH. No longer yearning to be someone – somewhere else… they have found SOMETHING and they are LOVING LIVING it!

These are the life stories I have fallen in love with. If you think I might fall in love with your ‘life moment’ or ‘life’s journey’, drop me a line and if I fall in love, I will post it here. 😉 You MUST include a photo of you Loving Living your Life. Keep it tame! This isn’t THAT kind of blog…


I hope these guide you towards the ‘Love of your Life’, they definatly keep me going!


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