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Film Music Download

You asked for it!

The talent behind the songs, Arran Fisher, of my home town, Calgary Canada, has created a little playlist for download, just for you, right here!!

A few lucky friends, crew, Kickstarters have been privy to one of two private screenings of the Director’s Edit of my first feature film, One Night in Seattle and all ask about where to find the music from the film!

Click Here –> Music from One Night in Seattle

Hope you are all still floating around in the dream world with me!! Woot!!



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I woke up and we are only $65 away from our GOAL!! OMG!!

WOW!! $14,935!! WHAT!! WOOHOO!!!! 

We are only $65 from our $15,000 GOAL, & 2hrs left!! OMG OMG!! I can’t believe this is happening!!




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Something Wicked this Way Comes… A PARTY!

Woot!! We SCORED the BEST VENUE for our Skeleton Party!! A 2 level, Mexican Cantina, in the HEART of GASTOWN, where we finished shooting the film!Friday, June 22, Chronic Tacos Cantina, GASTOWN (102 Water Street, Vancouver)

Secret HUSH-HUSH Film & Summer Kick-off Party

A “Day of the Dead” (Spanish: Día de los Muertos) theme crossed with “Route 66” and a “Mad Max – Road Warrior” theme and you get the idea… Film Celebration, Theme Party AND Beach Bum SUMMER KICK-OFF – come “Dressed to Kill” or “Dressed as the Dead” for this carnival-like night.

The SECRET PASS holders will be on our VIP list and have SPECIAL VIP ACCESS AND EXPERIENCES yet to be revealed…
This PARTY is FREE for EVERYONE who is picking up your FILM PASSES or PRODUCER PASSES or for anyone willing to donate $1 for a DREAMER PASS!

Something wicked this way comes…


  • EldjLoco & Tyler S. Popinov DJ’s/ hosts for the night.
  • Roaming Day of the Dead Skeleton Ladies & Gents, Burlesque, Leathers and Lace and MORE WICKED THINGS – no show, just part of the spectacle – just like you, DRESS UP and play along.
  • Rough Cut of the Film & Wicked Projections.


Fund Raising Results

We are SO CLOSE to having a successful Kickstarter funding under our belts and I  am ready to CELEBRATE! DO OR DIE!

The next stage is almost “go” and the film  will then be able to complete the rough edit in time for the Sundance submission! Every bit we raise OVER the Kickstarter goal get us PAST a director’s edit and into a fully realized HD film ready for festival premiere! 

So if you haven’t done so yet, pledge or even Increase your Pledge to be able to Bundle UP your current PASS to EXPERIENCE ALL THERE IS TO EXPERIENCE ABOUT FILM and DREAMS!

We need DREAM POWER to take us over the EDGE! Share this film with anyone you know that believes anything can happen – and that we can get there together. WOOT!



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Welcome to my T-Shirt – made with LOVE

LOVING my new T!!

Just a few hours ago, I ran a one-off sample of our One Night in Seattle Film T-Shirts!!

Want one? They will be limited edition, individually numbered, hand screened, (and we are working on some fun bits to be revealed…)

ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT to pick yours up with the minimum Pass Pledge Level of The RALLY PASS on Kickstarter! Get yours here –> One NIght in Seattle & The Race to Sundance! 

RallyUP and join the film team for your own T! Woot!


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Duck-Duck-Goose & Div, the Golf Ball

Announcing a BIG and AMAZING step on our journey to finishing my very first feature film, One Night in Seattle and getting it done in time for Sundance!! Woot!!

Duck Duck Goose

When I was young, I used to play this game “Duck, Duck, Goose.” No, I’m not talking some strange off shoot of the film Top Gun and Beach Volleyball, but I am talking about how a game I played in school oddly relates to our film’s journey!

Playing with the boys and choosing who is going to be running around with me at my side, in this race around the final stage to finish the film in time for Sundance, has landed us a Duck instead of a Goose in a game and I am excited to start playing!

Brian Schecter of Puddleduck Productions, has come on board as a Producer, Advisor and Post Production Supervisor of our film, One Night in Seattle.

Brian comes on board with 35 years experience. Puddle Duck Productions is a multi-media production company serving clients in both Canada and the U.S. and abroad. Clients include all major North American networks such as the CBC/SRC, CTV/TVA, TSN/RDS, SportsNet, Canwest Global, and TQS in Canada as well as NBC, ABC, ESPN, Fox Sports, CBS, TWI, Disney, PBS and Kagan Research in the United States.

How I met Brian. 

Div, the Golf Ball

I met Brian dancing around a fire pit at the Banff World Television Festival. It was the one of the festivals outdoor parties, the theme was ‘cowboy-cowpoke-wildwest-something’, and I was celebrating winning the CTV National Fellowship at the Banff World Television Festival for my Dakar Rally project.

I was wearing a straw cowboy hat and NOT pitching my documentary, but rather was quite lost in my telling of an animated world I had created about Div, a young Range Ball that dreamed of playing out on the fabled Greens that whispered his name at the far edges of his dead end life in the driving range world he was born into.Brian fell in love with Div’s world and needless to say, a friendship formed…. and a few stories launched that day from the Golf Tourney…

Yes, we both played in the Festival’s golf tourney, where I almost drove the golf cart AND the very important CAVCO guy in my cart, off road over a mini-mound and into the grand bow river below. A story that circled the festival faster than I could floor the golf cart…

And yes, I made a little video of that day in Banff here –> VIP’s & Me Tee off in Banff 

Brian has been in my circle of mentors/advisors for 4 years, and now, we finally get to work together. I am proud to be able to share this film with him and welcome Brian, to the film and producer team! Exactly how I want to finish this film – with my friends and family.

Happy Film Girl & celebrations ahead! Woot!! RallyUP and Get your ROAD-TRIP ON!! We are on our way to Sundance!! Join us on Kickstarter – only 3 days left to join the TEAM –>  One Night in Seattle & The Race to Sundance

Hugs and Love,


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What does a Kitty, a Duck, Tacos & Cowtown have in common?

Well it’s been a CRAZY week both on AND off the Kickstarter Campaign for One Night in Seattle!

All over the map, not getting lost but rather, finding our way into the home stretch and wrangling an AWESOME team in the middle of it all!

So what DOES a Kitty, a Duck, Tacos & Cowtown have in common?

  • a journey
  • a film
  • a dream coming true

The Kitty

Acoustikitty is Arran Fisher’s recording operation, based out of Calgary, Canada. Arran is on board, crafting an ORIGINAL SOUND and MUSIC SCORE for One Night in Seattle. This is not the first time Arran’s music will be a part of an iDream Films Production. The first one wasn’t planned, it was happen-chance. This second one, was much the same. I walked into a cafe, and… well, as per the film and my life, interesting things tend happen when you walk into a cafe, destiny kinda takes the lead if you are open and willing…

I met Arran way back while I was writing the film into the wee hours of the night at Cafe Beano in Calgary. Arran was working as a barrista to pay the bills and make his music. In 1999, Arran formed the psych rock group The Summerlad, which toured several times across Canada and the U.S., released four albums, and received national acclaim for making music that defied easy categorization.

The Summerlad on CBC Radio 3 

Oddly enough, when I was filming my Dakar Rally Project, Mark from CBC Radio 3 Vancouver, gave me a playlist with some selected artists and The Summerlad’s ‘City of Noise’ track was among the selections. I picked it without hesitation and only after did I realize this was Arran’s band from back in Calgary. What are the odds?

Well, in May, I went back to Calgary and back to Beano and guess who was sitting there, on the other side of the barrista bar. We re-connected after 5 years, both having been on quite the journey chasing our own passions of producing and media and all it took me was to mention how I was looking for an original soundtrack that would be inspired by how the soundtrack in the critically acclaimed film, Deadmanwas crafted (Neil Young composed the guitar seeped soundtrack with portions he improvised while watching the movie footage).

City of Noise, by The Summerlad on YouTube

City of Noise, featured in my Dakar Rally Project on Vimeo

Deadman on Wiki

Clips from Deadman, samples of Neil Young’s Soundtrack on Youtube

Chasing the Desert – “The Outsider”, Jan-April 2008 from CFilmGirl on Vimeo.

Seems every iDream Film project needs it’s Acoustic Kitty. This will be the second film project of mine that will feature Arran’s talents.

More about the Duck, Tacos and Cowtown coming up!! Woot!

  • Brian Schecter, media sports business analyst with Puddle Duck Productions, based out of Vancouver, Canada.
  • Chronic Tacos in Gastown is a 2 story Mexican Cantina with amazing eats, mexi-drinks and even late night spinning and skeleton dancing…
  • Word is, a SUNDANCE PRODUCER PASS ($10,000 pledge level) could be pledged on Monday, from my hometown, Calgary, Canada.

Back soon for UPDATES!! WOOT!


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$11,726 Pledged & 10 Days left on Kickstarter

We have hit $11,726 for total committed pledges towards our $15,000 goal with still 10 days to go on Kickstarter!

With just under $5000 in pledges currently in Kickstarter, another $5000 in waiting from awesome friends and brand new Associate Producers AND $1000 in PayPal from a good friend & new Associate Producer, we are ON OUR WAY TO HITTING OUR GOAL, GETTING THE FILM DONE AND TO SUNDANCE!!


The Film & The Race on KickstarterIf you don’t know what I’m WOOTING about, visit us on Kickstarter and pick up you PASS to One Night in Seattle and The Race to Sundance! Click on the green Kickstarter Button and JOIN US all the way to the 2013 Sundance Film Festival!

Follow us on the Official Film Website : One Night in Seattle, the Film

See you at Sundance!!


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30 Days iDream on Kickstarter

30 Days iDream on Kickstarter


The Film – One Night in Seattle

Have you ever wished for one chance to change the direction of your life? Have you taken a road-trip that changed your life forever? 

One Night in Seattle, is a road-trip film about a screenwriter with one last shot at chasing her dream and falling in love. She risks taking that turn in life to find that one reason to keep going against all odds and to ultimately find her road back home. The Unofficial Teaser.

A First Feature Film

This is the very first feature film for Producer/Director/Writer, Shawna Cox, the films Lead Actress, Amelia Trinidad Oakley, and Supporting Leads, Mark Ghanime and Jamie Switch. One Night in Seattle, is a 90 minute, independent HD Drama, written and developed in Calgary, Canada. Shot on locations in Vancouver, Canada and Seattle, USA. Your link to your VIP Event PASSES & FILM SWAG is here : on KICKSTARTER

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FilmREEL – 3WayCafe FILM scene 34 ‘notebooks’ | D-EDIT

Jumping into a rough director’s edit for scene 34 ‘notebooks’ for my feature film ‘3Way Cafe’.

Some behind the scenes photos:  CLICK HERE FOR FULL SET


Here’s the script for the scene with lead in and out, page 53-56:

33 33


A small, very New York deli/cafe – large oversized Paris

posters, tables, stools.  A man clicks away on his laptop.  A

couple are engrossed in conversation.

The Barista steams drinks as Mark disappears around the back.

A phone rings that ‘funky dance tune’ – Mark’s phone on the

table.  It rings, defaults to ring-vibrate – jumps all over

the table, rings even louder.

Laptop guy looks up – exasperated.  The couple turn and look –


Sera grabs the phone, flips it – call instantly connects.


(to self)

Oh, damn.



Hello?  Hello, Mark?

Sera reluctantly pulls the cell to her ear.


(to cell)


Long Pause.


(to cell)

Mark’s not here right now.  Can I

take a message?


It’s Dana, his fiance.  You are?


(to cell)

Ah…  Sera?

The phone drops from Sera’s ear – she is instantly solemn.



Lucas on the phone, boxers with golf clubs, T-shirt –

searches a bookshelf.  The ‘make-shift office’ is littered

with Sera’s work – space where the laptop usually is.


(to phone)

Black notebook?


There’ll be a group of them – the

one on the far right –  sketches


Lucas runs his finger over seven black notebooks on the

shelf, locates the farthest right.


(to phone)

Yeah, got it.

Lucas pulls out the one on the far right.


If that’s not it, just make your

way to the left, K?


(to phone)

Alright.  I’ll have it ready!


In 5!

Lucas hangs up, leafs the first couple pages – stops, smiles

as he sits, reads intently.

He turns solemn, agitated – looks to the door, lock turns.

Sera bursts in, beaming.


You should see the storyboards!

Find it?


Why did you want me to read this?




This your way of telling me.




You’re seeing him.


No Lucas, I’m not.


Sure, yeah.  You can tell me.


Tell you what?

Lucas throws the book at her feet – she looks to it, to

Lucas, picks it up.  She opens it, face drops.


How much did you read?


Right book, wrong guy.


I have to find that book.  They’re

waiting for me.  I don’t know why

you read it – it was personal.

She goes to the bookcase, grabs the right notebook.


You said it was that book.

She hesitates, grabs two more from the shelf, walks out with

the books in her arms.


This isn’t right.


Yeah, what you did was wrong.

Sera leaves, never looking back – door closes behind her.

Lucas looks at the door – walks to the bookshelf, pulls out

all the black notebooks.

54 54


Mark is nowhere to be seen, Sera sits at the computer – she’s

composed an email to Lucas.


(text on screen)

“Hi, been busy, decided to stay an

extra day – waiting for Peter to

make up his mind.  Let’s meet for

dinner when I get back – we should





Mark snaps off a series of pics of Sera’s reactions.



Sera nearly falls out of her seat.


I think we’re even now.

Mark reads the screen – Sera quickly closes the email.


Caffeine quota!

Sera watches Mark walk to the table, assesses him, caution

replaces her spunky demeanor – Mark is oblivious.


It’s Decaf.

He sits, looks to her just as she looks away.


Decaf isn’t good for you.


Live in New York and the smog isn’t

that great for one either, but hey,

you’re welcome – Now drink it.

She looks to Mark.


I love New York.

Silence.  They both take the other in – Mark looks away.


New storyboards?

She leaves the net, sits with Mark – avoids eye contact.


No – just the old ones.  Peter’s

waiting, I’m stalling.  No mail, no

calls – no one.

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FilmREEL – Rockin’ the Vancouver Scene | Behind the Scenes


This is My Lead Girl for my first Feature Dramatic (Producer, Writer, Direct) we are currently shooting…
Ok – NOT EDITED, this is Amelia’s one take, she rocked the whole scene and was only supposed to do the first 5 lines.  A director’s gotta do, what a director’s gotta do.  Pre-widescreen bars and all…
Apologies on the sound, but this hasn’t been touched yet, wanted to share a tiny bit of our work to date.  Just back from Ottawa last weekend with our new editor, Dave Shea, first day working some rough sequences…   Very cool work – will post some tid-bits once I get my move out of the way – my new home?  Gastown, Vancouver – temporary home that is, but will love every minute here.  🙂
Awesome work everyone.  Day by day – we will get this shot and wrapped for the big screen.  Thanks to the cast and crew for all the work and dedication to the project to date – 1/3rd of the way through and the best is yet to come.
Thanks for sticking in there.
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