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Overland and Outposts : Kickstarter Canada

It’s what I’ve been waiting for – I’m Canadian and I can finally ‘#Kickit’ 100% Canadian!

Canadian Kickstarter

Today, Kickstarter officially opened their crowdfunding platform to allow Canadian Creators to connect their own Canadian accounts to their projects. Canadians can finally REALLY Kick It!

In the past, as I had done with my 1st feature film and 1st Kickstarter project, One Night in Seattle and the Race to Sundance, I had to find a US partner for the Amazon Accounts end of the project. I could start the project, be the owner of the project, design the project and the project could even be ‘from’ Canada, but all the background financial information had to be arranged with a US counterpart – at that time, Kickstarter was using Amazon Accounts in the background to handle all the pledges and the final funds transfer, which can only handle US accounts.

Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 6.37.48 AM

I took a risk back then with a US Facebook friend and, well, the rest is history. We rallied up a Kickstarter Team of backers and successfully raised over $16,000 to complete a director’s edit of my 1st feature film One Night in Seattle as an emerging Canadian Filmmaker, in time to submit to the Sundance Film Festival. The film is now starting the film festival circuit and I am proud to announce that we are on the short list to screen in my hometown at the Calgary International Film Festival this September! Bringing it HOME!

With that amazing experience under our belts, I have been working towards the launch of my next

Kickstarter Project, Overland and Outposts, which is an experimental, private series (not for broadcast) is planned to co-launch with Kickstater,

Canada in my hometown, Calgary, Alberta, Canada on September 9, 2013.

Shawna Sundance Pass

Overland and Outposts is based on a True Storymy true story about how obsession led to near death and wayward enlightenment – a 7 year journey, impossible to stop, impossible to forget. The series explores Indie Film, the Dakar Rally, Solo Travel, and Vision Quests and opens the door to my creative process throughout the entire editing process via the private series and live Google+ Hangouts for ongoing feedback and Q&A as each of the 26 episodes are crafted and released to my Kickstarter Team.

As with my 1st feature dramatic film, One Night in Seattle, I am only looking to raise funds to complete the edit. I have the content captured and just need the gift of time to pull it all together, and I will take my Kickstarters on a private expedition with me, back to where it all started for this Canadian Film Girl, and wrap a 2nd film project that has been 8 years in the making.

Overland and Outposts on Kickstarter Canada

Overland and Outposts on Kickstarter Canada

I can’t wait to share another journey with you. I know where we are headed and I hope you are as excited as I am about a group about to Kick It, in true Canadian style!

KICK-IT!  ~Shawna

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2013 Film Festival Poster | concept 3

2013 Film Festival Poster, concept 3 for One Night in Seattle, the feature film.

2013 Film Festival Poster, concept 3 for One Night in Seattle, the feature film.


My rough concept for our 2013 Film Festival Posters for One Night in Seattle, the feature film!

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Film – One Night in Seattle – Rough of Festival Poster

posterLgV1.SC.1 V2 copy

This is the first working version of the film poster for festival touring for One Night in Seattle!

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2013 Sundance Film Festival – Officially Unofficial

Through hell and high water we made it to Sundance and we hosted a VERY unofficial, private screening of One Night in Seattle, with one of our Film Team members of the Kickstarter Producers, Andy Stanislav at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival!

2 films stood out  – after I got over the dream-like sensation of actually walking around at the Sundance Film Festival after so many years of wondering if I would ever be able to finish the film…

2 Documentaries moved my heart and made me follow their journey after the films finished…

Which Way is the Front Line From Here – The Life and Times of Tim Hetherington, a film by Sebastian Junger


The Moo Man, a film by Andy Heathcote

Do your research, find these films and…follow your heart.

See you soon at the next destination!!


Unofficially Official

Canadian Film Girl at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival

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I have come to not believe in, but rather have faith in, the balance of nature – or is the nature of balance.

My film girl world just had a sky rocketing event – which oddly delivered a bottoming out event at The Cubicle, The Day Gig.

Is this just the nature of things, balancing out? Is it a message hit on the tails of something more destined? Is it just human emotions and confusion with very synchronistic timing?

Either way, it puts the world into perspective. On many levels. Relationships. Legacy. Simple love of life and what it truely means to live with love in the minds eye.

Either way, I sit at Starbucks, settling into what shift in course to make, to take and to accept.

Funny thing, the Universe is. Seems to know Exacty where and when to poke you with it’s mischievious life shift stick.

I smile, because I finally trust that it knows what’s best for me. I smile because I feel I am finally truely starting to not only talk, but listen to it’s beautiful language. Love. Life. Light.

Have an amazing day – where ever you are in the universe. You aren’t alone – ever.



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Something Wicked this Way Comes… A PARTY!

Woot!! We SCORED the BEST VENUE for our Skeleton Party!! A 2 level, Mexican Cantina, in the HEART of GASTOWN, where we finished shooting the film!Friday, June 22, Chronic Tacos Cantina, GASTOWN (102 Water Street, Vancouver)

Secret HUSH-HUSH Film & Summer Kick-off Party

A “Day of the Dead” (Spanish: Día de los Muertos) theme crossed with “Route 66” and a “Mad Max – Road Warrior” theme and you get the idea… Film Celebration, Theme Party AND Beach Bum SUMMER KICK-OFF – come “Dressed to Kill” or “Dressed as the Dead” for this carnival-like night.

The SECRET PASS holders will be on our VIP list and have SPECIAL VIP ACCESS AND EXPERIENCES yet to be revealed…
This PARTY is FREE for EVERYONE who is picking up your FILM PASSES or PRODUCER PASSES or for anyone willing to donate $1 for a DREAMER PASS!

Something wicked this way comes…


  • EldjLoco & Tyler S. Popinov DJ’s/ hosts for the night.
  • Roaming Day of the Dead Skeleton Ladies & Gents, Burlesque, Leathers and Lace and MORE WICKED THINGS – no show, just part of the spectacle – just like you, DRESS UP and play along.
  • Rough Cut of the Film & Wicked Projections.


Fund Raising Results

We are SO CLOSE to having a successful Kickstarter funding under our belts and I  am ready to CELEBRATE! DO OR DIE!

The next stage is almost “go” and the film  will then be able to complete the rough edit in time for the Sundance submission! Every bit we raise OVER the Kickstarter goal get us PAST a director’s edit and into a fully realized HD film ready for festival premiere! 

So if you haven’t done so yet, pledge or even Increase your Pledge to be able to Bundle UP your current PASS to EXPERIENCE ALL THERE IS TO EXPERIENCE ABOUT FILM and DREAMS!

We need DREAM POWER to take us over the EDGE! Share this film with anyone you know that believes anything can happen – and that we can get there together. WOOT!



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Welcome to my T-Shirt – made with LOVE

LOVING my new T!!

Just a few hours ago, I ran a one-off sample of our One Night in Seattle Film T-Shirts!!

Want one? They will be limited edition, individually numbered, hand screened, (and we are working on some fun bits to be revealed…)

ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT to pick yours up with the minimum Pass Pledge Level of The RALLY PASS on Kickstarter! Get yours here –> One NIght in Seattle & The Race to Sundance! 

RallyUP and join the film team for your own T! Woot!


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$11,726 Pledged & 10 Days left on Kickstarter

We have hit $11,726 for total committed pledges towards our $15,000 goal with still 10 days to go on Kickstarter!

With just under $5000 in pledges currently in Kickstarter, another $5000 in waiting from awesome friends and brand new Associate Producers AND $1000 in PayPal from a good friend & new Associate Producer, we are ON OUR WAY TO HITTING OUR GOAL, GETTING THE FILM DONE AND TO SUNDANCE!!


The Film & The Race on KickstarterIf you don’t know what I’m WOOTING about, visit us on Kickstarter and pick up you PASS to One Night in Seattle and The Race to Sundance! Click on the green Kickstarter Button and JOIN US all the way to the 2013 Sundance Film Festival!

Follow us on the Official Film Website : One Night in Seattle, the Film

See you at Sundance!!


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30 Days iDream on Kickstarter

30 Days iDream on Kickstarter


The Film – One Night in Seattle

Have you ever wished for one chance to change the direction of your life? Have you taken a road-trip that changed your life forever? 

One Night in Seattle, is a road-trip film about a screenwriter with one last shot at chasing her dream and falling in love. She risks taking that turn in life to find that one reason to keep going against all odds and to ultimately find her road back home. The Unofficial Teaser.

A First Feature Film

This is the very first feature film for Producer/Director/Writer, Shawna Cox, the films Lead Actress, Amelia Trinidad Oakley, and Supporting Leads, Mark Ghanime and Jamie Switch. One Night in Seattle, is a 90 minute, independent HD Drama, written and developed in Calgary, Canada. Shot on locations in Vancouver, Canada and Seattle, USA. Your link to your VIP Event PASSES & FILM SWAG is here : on KICKSTARTER

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SLOG – 2010 Olympic Lockdown | Day 1

2010 02 04 Olympic Lockdown.

Think Jason Bourne – but Shawna Bourne – ok, not quite THAT on the verge of assassination, but definitely on mission critical. I can’t tell you exactly WHY I am doing this – it’s secret. I can’t tell you WHAT I am doing – I signed an NDA.

Best of all, I’m not getting shot at – my other option was Afghanistan. My mom was against that one.

Shawna Cox as Jason Bourne 2010 Olympics

I am sitting for lunch at an ocean side  Hotel and I feel like I am in the middle of MIPCOM in Cannes, France – or any other major international film market or festival for that matter… Official badges (dog tags with bar codes), sign-in desks, special bus stops, special buses, special visitor info signage, red carpets, color coded volunteers, the list goes on and the event hasn’t even started.

I am not in Cannes, I am in Vancouver, Canada and today is the official first day of the 2010 Olympic city lockdown and, well, to be honest, I’m not really sitting for “lunch” – I am just sitting over the lunch hour and indulging in a crisp glass of water. Ha, I know what you’re thinking, “cheapo” – ok, that’s what I was thinking but it did take everything in me NOT to order my signature tall glass of amazing Argentinian Malbec to toast off all the international media arriving today.

Glass of water = $0 and I pre-ordered my lunch to go to eat later. My new ‘not eating or drinking’ during ANY meetings in cafes OR restaurants OR lounges OR airports OR planes OR…

To sum it up, NO multi-tasking. Focus 100% on one thing at a time and since I am choosing to engage in lunch meetings / adventures, “Sans water d’Argentina *wink* and a doggie bag to go, please” is my new policy. Everyone thinks I’m staying in the hotel – or perhaps, meeting someone in the hotel. What do I do again? Haha.

So, it’s my new thing WHICH is a little awkward as I still gravitate to cozy relaxing lounges to whittle away that oh so precious time, in true Draconian working population stylesk, doing the quick and dirty feed deed – except I will feed later and get the deed of business done  now – chow can be consumed later in the sanctity of the cube (‘cubicle’ for those of you not so hip to the office).

I need my cubicle job. My recent film project sent me kicking and screaming through 2008, a year long denial from bankruptcy and an even deeper  denial through the deserts of Morocco, Libya and Tunisia chasing a dream turned day AND nightmare. I finally resurfaced last spring, 2009, on the shores of Marseille, France. Exhausted, burnt out and with my pride washed out, I filed my bankruptcy papers from the Hotel where my American Express sighed just as it was cancelled.

Shawna Cox in Morocco

I filed bankruptcy from France just in case the Canadian government would confiscate my passport and thwart my absolute dependence on international travel for my emotional well being / sanity.

Back to 2010 – iPhone at my side, my trusty reminder of which world I am in today. I am not in a foreign country, chasing my latest adventure. I am in Vancouver, Canada and on a 60 minute mini-escape from cubicle world. I am Canadian Film Girl for exactly 60 minutes or I “will be fired”.

I don’t fit in, in cubicle world.

SO, nothing like an international sporting event – ok, the biggest sporting event in the world – to get you out of a way too long funk.

Some history: more than 15 years ago, I was training full time for the Olympics. Cross-country Mountain Biking had just been announced to become a new demo sport in the WAY TOO LONG AGO Olympics. Odd to be sitting here years later, another Canadian winter Olympics about to be notched onto my bed post – Summer Olympics, a distant celebrity crush in my dreams. Summer is my season, just a regular summer – any old beach and campfire summer, is still half a year away today…

So, again, this media and sport mix. I barely survived the whole last three years chasing the elusive Dakar Rally around the globe for my film. Can I get myself up and launch out of this final month of my bankruptcy terms on an Olympics Gold-like high? Maybe. I have a little help this time to align my ‘hit and miss home grown philosophy’ so, I think the answer to that question is a “yes”.

I won’t be monitoring heart rate, recovery rate, resting rate. I won’t be swimming in lactic acid or riding the adrenalin pre-race rush. No flat tires, broken chains, maxed out brake pads (I was pre-disk brake era – JUST dated myself – haha!)

So, back to Jason Bourne – I change my perspective, not my locale. I don’t need to move to another country to have the traveller rush, Gastown is pretty damn cool – pubs, cafes, architecture, cobblestone streets. I already have an amazing historic brick loft as my film office / bachelorette crash pad. Add hoards of international pedestrians descending and taking ownership of the streets I stroll through and the stools I perch on.

Shawna Cox as Natalie Portman

So, international travel came to me this time. I am locking out my reality, spinning it around a bit, imposing “I have just landed in a cool coastal Canadian city, about to play host to the largest sporting and media event in the world.” Media and sport appear to be two of my favourite things, I guess, if my past trailblazing reveals any telling stories about my deep psychological desires – it screams them all loud and clear. So, Olympic lock down it is and I am ESCAPING inside the perimeter. Ok, so, I guess it is really a reverse escape but an escape none the less.

So, PRESTO CHANGO, goodbye friends, family and daily routines – I’ll send you a post card from Canada.

But I will let you in on my take of it all – being on this ‘other side’ of reality. We will see just how far this ‘shift in perspective’ will have on my system – maybe, just maybe – I won’t want to shift back out. Maybe there will be no going back, no reversal. Maybe, 4th gear wide open will be my only ‘NEXT MOVE’.

It’s 2010, February 4th and all Olympic rules just came into effect. Military style policing and international event style security measures. All this means to me, is that one just has to be a little more creative and a little more covert. Sounds like fun to me.

Welcome to my new reality. 2010 is going to be an interesting year.


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