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Overland and Outposts : Kickstarter Canada

It’s what I’ve been waiting for – I’m Canadian and I can finally ‘#Kickit’ 100% Canadian!

Canadian Kickstarter

Today, Kickstarter officially opened their crowdfunding platform to allow Canadian Creators to connect their own Canadian accounts to their projects. Canadians can finally REALLY Kick It!

In the past, as I had done with my 1st feature film and 1st Kickstarter project, One Night in Seattle and the Race to Sundance, I had to find a US partner for the Amazon Accounts end of the project. I could start the project, be the owner of the project, design the project and the project could even be ‘from’ Canada, but all the background financial information had to be arranged with a US counterpart – at that time, Kickstarter was using Amazon Accounts in the background to handle all the pledges and the final funds transfer, which can only handle US accounts.

Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 6.37.48 AM

I took a risk back then with a US Facebook friend and, well, the rest is history. We rallied up a Kickstarter Team of backers and successfully raised over $16,000 to complete a director’s edit of my 1st feature film One Night in Seattle as an emerging Canadian Filmmaker, in time to submit to the Sundance Film Festival. The film is now starting the film festival circuit and I am proud to announce that we are on the short list to screen in my hometown at the Calgary International Film Festival this September! Bringing it HOME!

With that amazing experience under our belts, I have been working towards the launch of my next

Kickstarter Project, Overland and Outposts, which is an experimental, private series (not for broadcast) is planned to co-launch with Kickstater,

Canada in my hometown, Calgary, Alberta, Canada on September 9, 2013.

Shawna Sundance Pass

Overland and Outposts is based on a True Storymy true story about how obsession led to near death and wayward enlightenment – a 7 year journey, impossible to stop, impossible to forget. The series explores Indie Film, the Dakar Rally, Solo Travel, and Vision Quests and opens the door to my creative process throughout the entire editing process via the private series and live Google+ Hangouts for ongoing feedback and Q&A as each of the 26 episodes are crafted and released to my Kickstarter Team.

As with my 1st feature dramatic film, One Night in Seattle, I am only looking to raise funds to complete the edit. I have the content captured and just need the gift of time to pull it all together, and I will take my Kickstarters on a private expedition with me, back to where it all started for this Canadian Film Girl, and wrap a 2nd film project that has been 8 years in the making.

Overland and Outposts on Kickstarter Canada

Overland and Outposts on Kickstarter Canada

I can’t wait to share another journey with you. I know where we are headed and I hope you are as excited as I am about a group about to Kick It, in true Canadian style!

KICK-IT!  ~Shawna

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2013 Sundance Film Festival – Officially Unofficial

Through hell and high water we made it to Sundance and we hosted a VERY unofficial, private screening of One Night in Seattle, with one of our Film Team members of the Kickstarter Producers, Andy Stanislav at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival!

2 films stood out  – after I got over the dream-like sensation of actually walking around at the Sundance Film Festival after so many years of wondering if I would ever be able to finish the film…

2 Documentaries moved my heart and made me follow their journey after the films finished…

Which Way is the Front Line From Here – The Life and Times of Tim Hetherington, a film by Sebastian Junger


The Moo Man, a film by Andy Heathcote

Do your research, find these films and…follow your heart.

See you soon at the next destination!!


Unofficially Official

Canadian Film Girl at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival

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Something Wicked this Way Comes… A PARTY!

Woot!! We SCORED the BEST VENUE for our Skeleton Party!! A 2 level, Mexican Cantina, in the HEART of GASTOWN, where we finished shooting the film!Friday, June 22, Chronic Tacos Cantina, GASTOWN (102 Water Street, Vancouver)

Secret HUSH-HUSH Film & Summer Kick-off Party

A “Day of the Dead” (Spanish: Día de los Muertos) theme crossed with “Route 66” and a “Mad Max – Road Warrior” theme and you get the idea… Film Celebration, Theme Party AND Beach Bum SUMMER KICK-OFF – come “Dressed to Kill” or “Dressed as the Dead” for this carnival-like night.

The SECRET PASS holders will be on our VIP list and have SPECIAL VIP ACCESS AND EXPERIENCES yet to be revealed…
This PARTY is FREE for EVERYONE who is picking up your FILM PASSES or PRODUCER PASSES or for anyone willing to donate $1 for a DREAMER PASS!

Something wicked this way comes…


  • EldjLoco & Tyler S. Popinov DJ’s/ hosts for the night.
  • Roaming Day of the Dead Skeleton Ladies & Gents, Burlesque, Leathers and Lace and MORE WICKED THINGS – no show, just part of the spectacle – just like you, DRESS UP and play along.
  • Rough Cut of the Film & Wicked Projections.


Fund Raising Results

We are SO CLOSE to having a successful Kickstarter funding under our belts and I  am ready to CELEBRATE! DO OR DIE!

The next stage is almost “go” and the film  will then be able to complete the rough edit in time for the Sundance submission! Every bit we raise OVER the Kickstarter goal get us PAST a director’s edit and into a fully realized HD film ready for festival premiere! 

So if you haven’t done so yet, pledge or even Increase your Pledge to be able to Bundle UP your current PASS to EXPERIENCE ALL THERE IS TO EXPERIENCE ABOUT FILM and DREAMS!

We need DREAM POWER to take us over the EDGE! Share this film with anyone you know that believes anything can happen – and that we can get there together. WOOT!



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30 Days iDream on Kickstarter

30 Days iDream on Kickstarter


The Film – One Night in Seattle

Have you ever wished for one chance to change the direction of your life? Have you taken a road-trip that changed your life forever? 

One Night in Seattle, is a road-trip film about a screenwriter with one last shot at chasing her dream and falling in love. She risks taking that turn in life to find that one reason to keep going against all odds and to ultimately find her road back home. The Unofficial Teaser.

A First Feature Film

This is the very first feature film for Producer/Director/Writer, Shawna Cox, the films Lead Actress, Amelia Trinidad Oakley, and Supporting Leads, Mark Ghanime and Jamie Switch. One Night in Seattle, is a 90 minute, independent HD Drama, written and developed in Calgary, Canada. Shot on locations in Vancouver, Canada and Seattle, USA. Your link to your VIP Event PASSES & FILM SWAG is here : on KICKSTARTER

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DakarLOG – 2008 Dakar Rally | Pre-Rally VLOG

Just wanted to check in with everyone. I am on a layover at the Frankfurt Airport after leaving Vancouver on Saturday afternoon. It’s strange to think that I am just hours away from Lisbon and just days away from the start of the Dakar Rally… All of the sudden, I feel myself venturing into the ‘other side’ of the TV screen – the 2007 rally seems only just months earlier and I had no idea then, that I would be IN the rally one year later… Nuts.

I have started a ‘pre-VLOG’, watch my first entry here on YouTube:

Chasing the Desert – “The Edge”, Dec 2007 from CFilmGirl on Vimeo.

The Official Dakar VLOG can be followed daily during the rally on the Australian Broadcast company SBS, on their online coverage. You can follow me at this link, the VLOG is on the lower left of the page.
Thanks everyone who got me on the plane and to the start. Yup, I am nervous but it’s gonna be an incredible journey – actually, it already has been.
Happy holidays and enjoy the New Year!

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NewsREEL – 2008 DAKAR RALLY daily video blog

OK, I think this should be suffice for me to finally break the ice on a ‘behind the scenes’ development for one Canadian Film Girl and the 2008 Dakar Rally…

SBS and iDream Films GO LIVE (almost) at the 2008 Dakar Rally!

I actually got a little dizzy when I saw myself on the actual website… Kind-of got nervous about the whole thing. Nick, my Auzzie co-crime partner in this venture offer these kind and reassuring words to soothe my state:

“…and yeh, I wondered how you’d feel when you saw it. It’s only you and a few hundred thousand Aussies so no worries : ) ”

Thanks Nick… Love you too. 😉 Go here to see what made my head spin JUST A BIT –>>

the Official 2008 Dakar Rally SBS Australia Site .com


I was hunted down a month ago by Nick Doherty, SBS Online Content Manager who found my site in cyber space. He asked wether I was interested in making a ‘couple calls’ direct from the rally then he quickly entertained one of my “Overly Ambitious Ideas” that I was considering testing during the film scout…

“Could I do daily edits and upload? Hmmm… That would be cool! A lot of work, considering I am also filming, but hey? Why not try…  Worst case scenario, I’d die – that IS the ultimate worst case.”

Enter Nick and a random ‘Shawna’ thought has become reality.

Darren Skilton, team manager of TEAM WIDE OPEN DAKAR and the North American Dakar Corespondent, didn’t hesitate to arrange for and accommodate my growing ambitions to add Satellite internet access to his Dakar communications truck.

Satellite Phones, $7 per megabite, MacBook PRO, Sony Disk Hard Drive, one film girl destined to collapse from exhaustion and we are NOW only a few weeks from going live and I CAN NOT GET ALL MY GEAR INTO THE REQUIRED ONE BAG… Panic.

‘Drop to the Desert’ and watch 11|oneone Film’s Blog turn in to the:

2008 Dakar Rally DAILY VIDEO BLOG on SBS Online

Shawna Cox Dakar

A true ground zero and behind the scenes account of one Canadian Film Girl:

  • Traveling with TEAM WIDE OPEN DAKAR, under team manager Darren Skilton of BAJA AUTOMOTIVE and following Driver Mike Petersen of PETERSEN MOTORSPORTS as part of their assistance support.
  • Chasing Mark Miller of TEAM VOLKSWAGEN MOTORSPORT as he races his Touareg with co-driver Ralph Pitchford to be the first North American to capture the Dakar winners title.
  • Hunting down Charlie Rauseo, Team Manager of TEAM RALLY PAN-AMERICA wrangles up and guides his rogue privateer motorcyclists, ranging from TOP North American rider, Jonah Street right to first-timer Vancouver Island Insurance Broker, Don Hatton.
  • Surviving the 2008 Dakar Rally as she scouts solo, for the Official 2009 Documentary Film.

SBS is:

SBS Television is watched by more than seven million Australians each week. What they see is a unique mix of Australian-produced and international programs drawn from over 400 national and international sources. Programs in languages other than English – which comprise more than half the SBS Television schedule – are accessible to all viewers through SBS-produced English language subtitles.

SBS Radio, the world’s most linguistically diverse broadcaster, reaches across the major languages spoken in Australia. It produces more than 13,500 hours of language-specific programs each year, in English and more than 60 other languages. Since 1975, SBS Radio has expanded its service from a single AM station in Sydney and Melbourne, to a five signal network that’s available in all capital cities and key regional centres.

SBS Online provides text and video services as well as audio-on-demand in 68 languages, making it the most linguistically diverse website in the world. The online service extends and enhances SBS Television and Radio programming and generates original content, including comprehensive Australian and international news reports, innovative youth programming and one of Australia’s most comprehensive soccer web sites.

One Canadian Film Girl, One Australian Tech Boy, One Long Beach Desert Racer and One American Chasing his Destiny have joined forces to bring you ONE STEP CLOSER… INSIDE the DAKAR RALLY.

Buckle Up! It’s gonna be one hell-of-a-Ride!

THANKS to everyone for your continued support and SAVE THE SITE AND COME ALONG FOR THE RIDE!! (there will be a POP QUIZ when I get back… 😉 )



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FilmREEL – “3Way Cafe” Film, New York | behind the scene

Cast and Crew – here’s a little ditty of the official 1st day of shooting the feature film “3-Way Cafe”. Thanks again to Justin Cote for lending us his great space in the heart of Vancouver’s Gastown… Awesome work everyone.

I will be playing the full rez version at the 2008 Dakar Rally send-off parties in both Calgary and Vancouver along with other selected edits from this years real life “Chasing the Desert” – hope to see you all out.

for now, here’s the behind the scenes video as seen on YouTube:

and here’s a link to the rough cut for the flick:

Check it out by clicking HERE —>>>>

FilmREEL – Sneakpeek at the NY scene from ‘3-Way Cafe’

Thanks for dropping in!


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DakarREEL – Arciero-Miller Racing Roll | YouTube 3

Alright – pretty tired… A ten hour day in the cubicle, so lovingly called ‘The Cube’ – then straight home for 6+ hours of start to finish rough cut of an intro roll from footage that I shoot while chasing Dakar Rally and Desert Racer, Mark Miller and his team mate, Ryan Arciero… In case the below YouTube link doesn’t work ,

Check it out by clicking here —>>> ARCIERO-MILLER RACING ROLL


Mark I chased to the 2007 Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb back in July and found him with Team Volkswagen :img_3518.jpg Check out the Pic’s —>>>

EventREEL – Pike’s Peak Hill Climb | Race DayEventREEL –

Pike’s Peak IHC | Shawna’s Pre-race AscentLocation Log –

Pike’s Peak IHC | Shawna’s Day in Heaven

and Ryan, I found him at 2007 PRIMM 300 Desert Race:img_5447.JPGCheck out the Pic’s —–>>>

EventREEL – Primm 300 | Ryan Arciero Meeting

Fun to finally get into the video footage – I hope you had some fun watching it!Till test video #4…-s


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EventREEL – KORE Desert Testing | One Desert Legend…

Apres Oakley’s Visual Alchemist, Acriero-Miller’s Team HQ and a not so brief breakfast in Warner Brother’s backyard


…what better way to round out the weekend than on TEAM KORE’s backyard testing grounds…

From LA, driving through Palm Springs – I found myself face to face with another Baja 1000 Desert Racing LEGEND… Malcolm Smith.


He made history 40 years ago winning the 1st Baja 1000 on 2 wheels in 1967, and at the 4oth anniversary of the Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 this year, 2007 – he is looking to drive full circle…

Here’s a sneak peek – the rest? You’ll have to wait for the series – all the action and… is on the video. 🙂

click here to go to behind the scenes –> Location: Ocotillo Wells Off-Road Park, CA


Good luck to TEAM KORE this weekend at the Vegas to Reno 2007 Rally Event and see you all at the 2007 Baja 1000. History is in the making… again!

Thanks Malcolm for a glimpse of your Desert wisdom.  Thanks again Darren Skilton and Team Kore for the invite to play.  How could one film girl resist?



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FilmREEL – Sneakpeek at the NY scene from ‘3-Way Cafe’

Alright Trevor’s gonna KILL ME, but as promised, here’s a rough edit of our NY scene for the feature film 3-Way Cafe! Minus an audio pass, but definitely a true taste!
passcode: 3way


Let me know what you think – thumbs up or… you know – the other one. 🙂

Thanks everyone for all the work in making this film come to life!


Director, Producer, Writer | 3-Way Cafe the Feature Film


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